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Swimming Lessons For Babies

It is estimated that babies have more than 70 neonatal reflexes at birth. Motor responses are due to these reflexes, which enable them to respond to stimuli. In the first six months of life, newborns’ reflexes weaken, so their ability to explore the water safely and in a fun way is limited. 

To overcome this, they need assistance to develop new movements of voluntary movements. Swimming helps babies develop their balance, motor skills, and coordination. In addition to helping a baby develop self-esteem, confidence, and independence, early swimming also builds their self-esteem. As a result, literacy and numeracy skills are also enhanced.

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Several studies have shown that children who swim from an early age benefit

  • Development on all levels, including physical, social, and emotional.
  • Enhance the function of the heart and lungs.
  • An important bonding session with parents.
  • Comparatively better oral expression, literacy, numeracy, and mathematical reasoning

In order to meet the needs of each child, the duration of our swimming classes is kept short. In order to make your baby more comfortable, reduce the feeling of strangeness and separation anxiety, parents should participate and assist in lessons. Therefore, they will be able to adapt to the new environment in the pool as well as our instructors much more quickly!

Why SplashN'Swim Baby Swimming Lessons

Our coaches are not only trained in infant-specific drills, but also in the sports sciences prevalent in early childhood education. 

Being able to communicate with babies is an art, and creating appropriate skills that are age-appropriate is even more difficult. Babies struggle to understand simple instructions at this age due to their inability to understand basic words. Their physical strength does not allow them to demonstrate complex skills, nor can they express themselves fluently.

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Baby Swimming Lessons: How they are conducted

During our baby swimming lessons, we teach the following water skills:

  • Confidence in the water
  • Safety in the water
  • Learning independently
  • Developing motor skills
  • Increasing strength by performing stroke movements
  • Recognizing the enjoyment that comes from swimming
  • Establish trust and communicate with the swimming instructor using body language

Our Testimonials

What Our Happy Customers Are Saying
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My best experience with a coach in Singapore has been with Coach Joshua. He had such an efficient and thorough way of coaching. I felt that my sons had missed out on essential swimming basics in all the other lessons they have taken with other coaches. After just a week of weekly lessons, my son's progress was phenomenal. He refined his strokes, swam with good speed, and was able to refine his strokes. During our visit from Sweden to Singapore, we had this coach for just four days, and I am amazed at the difference in results in just four lessons. It would be my pleasure to recommend Joshua if you are looking for speedy progress. Definitely worth the money.
Evan Toh
Evan Toh
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Coach Alex was already our first instructor for my daughter. I greatly appreciated his patience and ability to relate to my daughter. In addition to bringing toys and engaging with my daughter, he made swimming fun for her every time. Coach Alex is very good with young toddlers and teaches them in a systematic manner so that they can master all stages. It is safe to say that your child is in good hands with him as a coach. Recommend highly.
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At the age of almost 50, I never learned how to swim. I have a fear of water. Coach Aaron and I are having our first session in swimming today. The session lasted 45 minutes. It is a pleasure for me to report that I have learned how to do a short distance of breast stroke. The experience was enjoyable, informative, and fulfilling. After the class, I felt more confident and excited to practice more, and I look forward to the next class. I initially felt low self-esteem, but I felt more confident and excited to practice more after the class as well as after the next class. Swimming is something everyone should learn! In addition to making your holidays on beaches, resorts, and sea more enjoyable, it also boosts your confidence. My sincere thanks go out to Coach Aaron!
Sharon Ong
Sharon Ong
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Coach Sarah teaching methods are one my daughter can grasp well, and she enjoys all her lessons with him. Since switching to Coach Sarah, she has gained a lot of water confidence and always looks forward to swim class!​ Highly recommend coaches from SplashN'Swim!
Joanne Lee
Joanne Lee
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Coach Marc is very dedicated to coaching. His goal was to ensure my son hit the timing for gold by swimming with the correct strokes. My son is encouraged by him using motivational tools that are right for him. ​You will never go wrong with SplashN'Swim coaches.
Mike Young
Mike Young
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The Google search engine brought me to SplashN'Swim. I appreciated Jenny prompt response to my queries and her assistance in finding a coach to suit my kids' needs. Coach Darren is superb and patient in handling young children. ​

Infants Swimming Lesson Fees

1 to 1

4 Lessons


Promo $280
$70 per lesson
Lesson Duration : 30mins

1 to 2

4 Lessons


Promo $320

$40/child per lesson
Lesson Duration : 30mins

1 to 3

4 Lessons


Promo $420

$35/child per lesson
Lesson Duration : 30mins

Group Session (4-8Pax)

4 Lessons


Promo $120

$30/child per lesson
Lesson Duration : 30mins

FAQ For Infants Swimming Lessons

Despite the fact that children can begin learning to swim at any age, it is highly beneficial to begin as early as four months of age. In their infancy, babies are like blank slates and are capable of absorbing new skills and techniques very quickly. In addition to enhancing their physical development, swimming helps them develop cognitively and emotionally at this stage. As a result of early exposure to this essential life skill, babies who begin swimming early tend to outperform their peers.

Swimming lessons for babies last 30 minutes per session

Your private/condo pool is a great venue for the swimming lessons if you have one. 

Alternatively, you can let us know where you are most convenient, and we will arrange swimming lessons at a nearby public pool.

It can take several months for babies to become comfortable in the water and learn to swim short distances. This depends on the baby’s age and level of comfort with the water. Swimming lessons can help speed up the process.

Yes, parents need to be in the water with their baby during lessons, as it is important for them to be with the baby in order to provide comfort and support. Being in the water also helps the baby to feel safe and secure while they are learning.

You should bring a swim diaper, a towel, sunscreen, and some protective swimwear for your baby. You may also want to bring a few toys and an inflatable float to make the experience more enjoyable for your baby.

Baby swimming lessons usually take place once a week, and each lesson lasts for 30 minutes.

Yes, we do offer a paid trial lesson. This gives you and your baby the chance to get comfortable with the pool environment and to see if you both enjoy the experience before committing to a full term of lessons.

Yes, it is possible. Depending on the availability of instructors and the availability of the pool, you may be able to arrange for more frequent lessons. We can discuss your needs and determine what would work best for you.

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